Brightsound is a full-service event production company based in Charleston, SC. All talent buying, planning and logistics coordination, marketing, public relations and staff management are done in-house. Since inception, the team has worked diligently to build a recognizable brand and positive reputation in the music community through quality events and constant charitable giving. In addition to normal concert halls and large-scale auditoriums, what separates the company most from its competition is their utilization of non-traditional venues to maximize secondary appeal for special events. A few previous examples include the South Carolina State Aquarium, U.S.S. Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, and a privately leased island in the heart of the Caribbean.



-Talent buying and middle buyer broker services

-Venue consulting, layout design and lease contract negotiations

-Special event permit obtainment and related due diligence planning

-Marketing, promotions and public relations campaign assistance through various mediums

-Ticket sales management; online and guerilla-based “street teams”

-Production budget drafting, cash flow forecasting and expense timeline management

-RFP vendor sourcing for staging, audio/visual, special effects and skilled tech labor

-Strategic planning and coordination with city officials (law enforcement, fire & EMS) for health and safety risk management

-Other miscellaneous assistance including third party financier structuring, sponsorship acquisition support, and charitable fundraising

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